Tapio Wirkkala eye, hand and thought

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Tapio Wirkkala is the symbolic figure of Finnish design. He was an artist of exceptional diversity for whom no material was alien and who left no area og design unexplored. His works ranged in size from postage stamps to future cities, from salmon-flies to earthwork monuments. In his work, contrasting materials were imbued with the incontestable forms found in natural phenomena. An object achieves perfection through the unity of thought and material, idea and realisation, form and purpose. For Wirkkala, the form of an object was not just an aesthetic goal or intellectual perception, but the outcome of a dialogue between hand, eye and material: "All materials have their own unwritten laws... You should never be violent with the material you´re working on, and the designer should aim at being in harmony with his material." Uusi painos.


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